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BES6000 - Baptistery Water Heater (5.5 or 11kw)
  • Complete baptistry heating solution
  • Available in 5.5kw or 11kw capacities
  • Stainless steel element housing construction
  • 1/2 HP pump
  • Adjustable thermostat with high limit cutout
  • All heater fittings come in the box, ready for minor assembly and use.
  • Optional auto fill and auto drain sold separate
  • Optional Timer available to enable heater to begin operation at preset times.
  • 240v Single Phase 4 Wire
  • Must be installed on a GFCI protected circuit. Qualified electrician must install this in accordance with all national and local codes. Some wiring will need to be provided by electrician.
  • One year warranty.
  • Pump is not self-priming. 1ft head pressure.
  • 50GPM Flow Rate
Heater Choices - Total Appears at Bottom
CR6OPT - Optional Accesories. NOTE: If ordering the auto-fill and auto-drain options, you do not need to order a seperate drain, overflow or fill valve. The overflow fitting is included for the top of the water level, you will need to provide the pvc pipe to connect back in to your drain line.
Price per Each
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As of March 2016 MUST BE USED WITH 240v ONLY. Not compatible with lower voltages. (Special Order 208v available. Email us for details.)

Installation and User Manual Click Here

5.5KW is 27" W x 13" H x 15" D
11kw is 29"W x 13" H x 15" D

5.5kw model will heat 500 gallons by 30 degrees in 6 hours
11kw model will heat 500 gallons by 36 degrees in 4 hours

Unit must be connected to a GFCI protected circuit.

The following are included features
  • THERMOSTAT - The thermostat regulates the water temperature of your tub.
  • TIME CLOCK (Optional) - Provides timer control over heating and filtering cycles
  • PUMP RECEPTACLE – Connect pump here.
  • POWER AIR SWITCH – Turns the system on and off
  • SAFETY LIGHT CIRCUIT – 120V hot output for 12V light kit (PT# 37-0029-SM)
  • SANITIZER CIRCUIT – Provides a 240V output when pump is running for a water sanitizer
  • HIGH LIMIT - A safety switch that will shut the heater off if the temperature within the heater reaches a non-adjustable limit.
  • SYSTEM INTERFACE MODULE RECEPTACLE – Provides Auto-Fill and Auto-Drain function. Auto-Fill Control (PT# 48-0042-K)
  • REMOTE CONTROL RECEPTACLE: Provide remote thermostat control over the system.
  • HEATER ASSEMBLY - Thermostatically controlled and equipped with a high-limit safety shut off.
  • ROCKER SWITCH - Determines operation of the time clock.
  • PLUMBING HEADER ASSEMBLY – Connects the pump to the heater (Plumbing for 5.5kw Timer Systems may appear different).
  • PLUMBING HEADER ASSEMBLY – Connects the bottom heater to the top heater (11kw Systems Only).
  • BOOSTER HEATER – Additional 5.5KW Heater Assembly Included with the BES6005/T Systems Only.
  • PUMP ASSEMBLY – Circulates water from and to the baptistery. (Not self priming)
  • BASE – ABS base for mounting equipment
  • This pump is not manufactured to push water uphill/vertically and is not self priming. Unit must be mounted below the upper water level of the baptistry and no more than 12" below the floor.

The equipment control system must be protected from the elements by installing it indoors or in a weather-tight enclosure. The equipment should be installed so that there is safe and adequate access for servicing and routine maintenance procedures. The single-speed circulation pump included with this system is NOT a self-priming pump and must be installed below water level for proper operation. Connections between the tub and equipment control system should include shut off valves for servicing and only non-metallic pipe should be used.
Connections between the tub and equipment should be done with schedule 40 and/or flexible PVC.
If any thread sealer compounds are to be used, they must be compatible with PVC and ABS plastics.
Equipment room or enclosure must have adequate ventilation.

Note: Operation of your tub during the warm months of the year may cause the temperatures to rise inside the equipment compartment. Due to the extensive insulation of some models it may cause the pumps thermal protection device to automatically turn the pump off for a short period of time (15-30 minutes) to allow the pump to cool down before automatically restarting. This cool down feature will not harm your system but serves to protect the pump from damage. This condition can also be caused by low voltage or by high altitudes where the air necessary for cooling is much thinner.



A qualified electrician must make all electrical connections to the equipment control box in accordance with the National Electrical Code and in accordance with any local electrical codes in effect at the time of installation. All electrical connections must be made in accordance with the wiring information contained in this manual, or on the back of the field wiring access panel of the equipment control box.
The electrical supply for permanently connected equipment controls must also include a suitably rated ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to comply with article 680-42 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.
The equipment is designed to operate at 240 volts, 60hz. Connections must be made using copper conductors only. Field provided conductors and circuit breakers or fuses must be sized to accommodate the total amperage load of the equipment.

WARNING - Improper electrical connections or conductor sizing will create the potential for an electrical hazard, and may void the warranty.

MARCH 2016
Model         Heater Voltage       Heater Watts      Breaker Size     Wires
BES-6005/T         240 V               11.0 kW                    60A            4 wire
BES-6000/T         240 V               5.5 kW                     40-50A        4 wire

CAUTION: Use only approved pressure-type wire splicing or connectors suitable for the size and type of wiring used. The electrical supply for this product must include a suitably rated switch or circuit breaker to open all ungrounded supply conductors to comply with section 422-20 of the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA 70. The disconnecting device must be within sight, and readily accessible to the user of the tub, but installed at least 5 feet (1.5m) from the tub. Connect a # 8 AWG (8.4mm) solid copper bonding conductor between the equipment control box bonding lug and all other electrical equipment and exposed metal in the vicinity, as may be needed to comply with local regulation.


The GFCI required for this system must be compatible with 4-wire service.
It is important that the GFCI circuit breaker is installed correctly. Often this component has been improperly installed causing the breaker to instantly trip when the system is turned on.

Warranty Informatiom

Hydroquip heaters carry a one year warranty from date of purchase. For all service or troubleshooting issues, please email us with your Order#. Model# and Serial # and a complete description of the issue.
You will be asked to perform basic troubleshooting to eliminate many of the most common reasons heaters appear to not be working properly (usually install errors or incorrect operating procedures). 

If it is determined that the unit needs to be inspected by the factory, you will be responsible for packing up the heater and returning it to the manufacturer for inspection. DO NOT SHIP prior to receiving an authorization # or your heater will be refused. After factory testing, if it is determined that the issue is a defective product covered under warranty, the unit will be repaired and returned to you at no charge. If it is determined that the problem occurred due to improper use or installation, power surges or lightening strikes, overheating due to low water, etc., you will be notified of the repair cost and will have the option of proceeding with the repair or not. (return freight paid by factory on warranty claims and by customer on all other claims)

The manufacturer may from time to time make modifications to the specifications or instructions. Always refer to the operating and installation manual that comes with your heater for the exact instructions and specifications.
The front panel of your heater may have different branding or labeling from the picture shown. The physical form and function will be similar to that shown.

Special Order 208v System Available. (The standard 240v Heater is wired differently to use Part # 993-0380-A6-S (120V Pump)

For replacement pumps use the following part #'s: (make sure to check your PUMP voltage, not your HEATER voltage) when replacing the PUMP.

Part # 993-0380-A6-S (if your current PUMP is 120V )
Part # 993-0380A-A6-S (if your current PUMP is 240V )


Equipment system will not operate:

1. Make sure the Power Air Switch is turned “ON”
2. Check if the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter breaker is tripped. If tripped, attempt to reset the GCFI. If the GFCI trips repeatedly, contact a service technician to correct the problem.
3. Check the main circuit breaker panel. If the circuit breaker has tripped reset the breaker. If the circuit breaker trips repeatedly, contact a service technician to correct the problem.
4. For cord connected units check the receptacle.
5. Make sure the high-limit has not tripped. Push to reset.

Pump will run but there is no water flow:

1. Make sure system is installed below water level.
2. Make sure all valves are in the open position.
3. Make sure that the filter is clean.
4. Check the suction fittings to make sure that they are not clogged with debris.
5. Check the water level and make sure it is above the heater return and at the proper level for operation.
6. Check the pump for trapped air. With the pump off, loosen the outlet union and allow all air to escape. Re-tighten union, apply power to system and when there is water flowing to the return fitting the system should be heating if required. You may need to use a sponge to collect the water from this operation.

Pump runs and there is water flow but no heat:

1. Turn the thermostat to a higher temperature setting. Do not expect to feel hot water coming from the jets.
2. Check to see if the high limit switch reset button, located on the front of the control box, has popped outward. If so, reset by pressing inward.
3. Check to make sure that all the valves are open and that there is full flow. Limited water flow may not activate the pressure switch to allow the heater to come on.
4. Pressure switch may not be activated. Please refer to heater pressure adjustments for proper operation.
5. Heater ON light lit, but no heat. Contact your local technician for service.
6. Insufficient back pressure: Close return valve partially to increase pressure and allow heater to operate.

The water will not maintain the proper temperature:

1. A thermal cover may be required to maintain the water temperature.
2. Turn the thermostat to a higher setting.

Too much water flow / noisy pump:
1. Close discharge valve partially to reduce water flow.
3. Close discharge valve partially to reduce pump noise.

There are a few considerations but yes the Baptistry can be power drained by the system pump if it has been plumbed with a 3 way valve in the return line on the pressure side.

The 3 way valve allows the user to close the return line from the pump and divert to a 3rd outlet to waste.

The pump will empty the baptistry at about 50 GPM so it should be faster than a gravity drain.

this will also require a person be on watch to turn off the pump once the water is at the level that allows air into it.

If this does occur there is a possibility of the pump motor failing if the pump runs dry.

There will also be water left in the tub just above the suction fitting.

You can use a submersible pump which can be placed in the baptistry to be power drained and then removed once it has been emptied.

This will leave only a few inches at most in the tub.