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How can I lend financial support to one of these orphan relief projects?

The easy way, of course, is to donate money. You can click on the links to our partner projects and go to the organization's web site. Each organization will have instructions on how to contribute. When you make your gift, earmark it for the named project and 100% of your donation will go to that project.

Another powerful way to help is by becoming involved in fund-raising for one of these projects. Click here for some ideas.

Projects for which we are currently rasing money.

Project Name: Agape Total Childcare Center/Orphanage

Location: Mukono, Lugazi (Uganda)

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Sponsoring Organization: SIFAT www.sifat.org (SIFAT is one of the organizations we have visited and trust implicitly, they are doing wonderful work around the world. When SIFAT supports a project, you can be assured your money will be well spent.)

Where to Donate: http://www.sifat.org/donate.html Please be sure to tag your donation "Orphans Now! Agape TCC Uganda" or simply "Orphans Now!"

Orphans Now! does not receive any money from your donation, but we do want to know that our efforts have helped.

Project Specifics: ChurchProducts has supported this orphanage since 2011. We helped them raise the money to complete the building and we continue to support them finacially each month. Agape houses 60+ childrren and provides schooling to over 200.

Background: William Nsubuga, the orphanage director, is a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan Genocide and graduate of SIFAT's training program. William is caring for 46 children, ages 6-18, who were orphaned by the AIDS crisis. Before the Rwandan Genocide started, William's father owned a truck that he used for his livlihood. One day, his father discovered the truck to be stolen. Shortly afterwards, some men from the village tracked down and caught the thief and presented him to William's father, along with his recovered truck. The men told William's father to say the word, and they would kill the thief. Demonstrating God's compassion, William's father said, "No". The thief was let go and his life spared. Several years later, during the genocide, William was captured by the Rwandan militia and lined up with others to be executed. One of the generals was inspecting the condemned men and stopped when he saw William. He said, "I recognize you. Your father spared my life several years ago, when men from your village were about to kill me for taking a truck we needed. Today, I spare your life in return of your father's compassion."

Sponsors: William has sponsors for most of the children. For $60 per month, William is able to feed, house, clothe and educate a child. As a benchmark, sponsoring a child through Compassion International is $38 per month and includes medical care, but does not generally include lodging. William still has 4 or 5 children who need a sponsor. Will you consider a committment of $60 per month for three years to sponsor an orphan? If so, please contact SIFAT.

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We are not an accrediting or rating agency. We do not formally audit the books of the FBO/NGOs we support or recommend. In this day and age, people are often not who they purport to be and many well-meaning individuals and organizations have been blindsided by people they trusted. What we do is get to know the people who we are working with and use our best judgment to determine if we think they are trustworthy people and working as they say they are. If we decide to support an organization, you can know that we would recommend this organization to our own mother. If you decide to help out an organization that we have recommended, you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any problems, financial or otherwise, that may arise in connection with our recommendation.