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See below our collection of LUNAS for use either as stand alone chapel monstrances, or as inserts into the ostensorium. We have standard size lunas to fit various manufacturer ostensoria,as well as custom lunas for older, antique or imported ostensoria.

All of our lunas are made from brass with 24k gold plating and meet all the requirements of church law.

  • No. 1002 Trackless Luna Holder
  • 5" height
  • 5" outside dia., 3 " inside dia.,
  • Use to hold a standard No Track Luna (for 2-3/4" " host)
  • Made of brass
  • Engraved cross front
  • 24k gold and silver plated.
  • No. 1018 LUNA HOLDER is adjustable to hold any track style luna.
  • Made of Brass
  • 24k gold plated
  • Chamber has a 4 " inside diameter
  • 8 " ht. to top of cross.

  • Laydown Luna Holder For Standard 5-3/4" No-Track Luna
  • Diameter 7-1/4"
  • Chamber Depth 1-3/8"
  • Total Height 2-5/8"
  • $534.47

    • No-track Luna
    • Holds 2-3/4" Host
    • 3 5/8” outside diameter x approx. 1” thick/deep
    • 24Kt Gold Plated
    • Pivoting glass door completely covers Host.
    • Fits Ziegler's Ostensoria's.

  • No-track Luna
  • Holds 5-3/4" Host
  • 24Kt Gold Plated
  • Pivoting glass door completely covers Host.
  • Fits Ziegler's Ostensoria's.
  • $545.54
    • Custom Luna made to customer specifications
    • Made of brass with hinged cover
    • Glass viewing window
    • Track style or trackless available
    • Price will vary depending on complexity
    • Can be made to hold any size host
    • Please email us with photos of your ostensorium and dimensions of the luna and desired host.
    • Custom Luna made to fit your Ostensorium
    • Available with or without track
    • Can be made to hold 2-1/4" 2-1/2" or 2-3/4" Host
    • 24k Gold Plated Brass with acrylic glass window
    • Secure clip holds host
    • We May Need Your Ostensorium At Our Shop To Be Able To Fit The Luna.
    • In addition to the Luna Cost, A Custom Fitting Charge of $95 to $195 will Apply based on your ostensoria.
    • Please email us a couple of pictures of your ostensoria (one of the entire piece and one closeup showing the luna hole, door/window and track if applicable, and we will reply with a quote on the fitting charge and whether or not we need the ostensoria sent to the factory. Also include dimensions of the luna window/hole including diameter and thickness.
    • Custom Luna Features:
    • This Price/Item Is For The Custom Luna Only. (Additional fitting charge will apply)
    • Made To Fit Your Ostensorium or Monstrance
    • All Luna's feature 24k Gold Plated Brass
    • Please Contact Us Before Ordering
    • We May Need Your Ostensorium At Our Shop To Be Able To Fit The Luna.
    • In addition to the Luna Cost, A Fitting Charge of $95 to $195 will Apply (Billed Separate)
    • To order:
    • 1. Email us several photos of your Monstrance showing the inside and outside, especially the track, and request a fitting quote.
    • 2. We will email you the fitting estimate and estimated shipping charges.
    • 3. Select the luna style you want from the choices below and then "add to cart" and checkout.
    • 4. You will get an email confirmation of your order immediately. Within 24 hours you will receive shipping and packing instructions.
    • Be sure to securely package and insure your Monstrance when shipping. Do not ship the Monstrance until you have received shipping instructions fro us via email.
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    The Free Standing Luna from our Exposition Tabernacle. 
    • 24K Gold Plated
    • 4-3/4" Tall
    • 3" Diameter
    • Holds 2-3/4" host
    • Pictured with K-653 Tabernacle (sold separately)
    • Our basic trackless luna
    • Made of brass with 24k Gold Plate
    • Glass door pivots to open
    • Holds 2-3/4" host
    • Includes base shown
    • 4-3/4" overall height
    • 9" tall chapel luna
    • Made of brass with 24k Gold Plate
    • Holds 5-3/4" host
    • Includes base shown



    A monstrance, or ostensorium is used for display of the Blessed Sacrament, or consecrated host.

    The Latin words monstrare and ostendere both mean "to show." Catholic and some other churches use the ostensoria to display the Eucharist to the faithful during Adoration and other services.

    The LUNA is the smaller vessel that actually holds the host. The luna is then placed inside the ostensorium. A monstrance and luna are essentially the same thing, a sacred vessel designed for direct contact with and to securely hold, the Blessed Sacrament.

    The difference between a monstrance and ostensoria is that the ostensoria does not touch the host, but is used to hold the luna, which contains the host.