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Luminara Rechargeable Votive Candle Set Of 12

Product ID: TDI-LUMVB-12

Luminara Rechargeable Battery Candle Set of 12 lights. Set includes charging tray,12 battery...
Luminara Rechargeable Votive Candle Set Of 48

Product ID: TDI-LUMVB-48

Luminara Rechargeable Battery Candle Set of 48 lights. Set includes charging stand, 4 charging...
Rechargeable Church Votive Candle


Luminara Rechargeable Battery Candle replacements sold individually.  These are for use in...

Churches who are concerned about using real wax candles now have a hyper-realistic looking option for their votive candle stands. Our Luminara Rechargeable Battery Candles fit your existing stands and glasses and look just like a real votive candle.
The parishoner simply takes a candle off the stand...selects the TIMER (5hour) on ON (15 hour) setting on the bottom and sets the votive in the glass. Tthe candle will remain llighted for 5 or 15 hours. When the candle "burns out" simply place it on the charging stand and in 6 hours it will be ready to use again. You can also place the charged candles in your glasses instead of leaving them on our stand. The parishoner can remove the candle from the glass, switch the candle ON/TIMER and replace in glass. You can then leave your charging station in the Sacristy and shuffle candles back and forth to charge.

We also carry Handheld Battery Candles For Easter, Christmas Eve and Memorial Services