Communion Cups and Bread

Celebration Communion Set 250 Ea/Box

Product ID: 4306-10

Pre-Filled grape juice cups with a wafer sealed on top. One box serves 250 people. Ours are...
Communion Bread Wafers 1-1/8" Round Unleavened

Product ID: 430511

For churches who prefer white unlevened bread Made of wheat flour, shortening, salt and...
Communion Crackers Box Of 500

Product ID: 430510

Traditional small square communion crackers Unleavened Packaged in Box of 500...
Communion Cups-BOX of 1000

Product ID: AW-430620

Highest quality crystal clear plastic cups. Disposable or recycle.  1000 Cups...
Communion Cups-CASE of 6000

Product ID: AW-430620CS

Highest quality crystal clear plastic cups. Disposable or recycle.  Imported...
Remembrance Communion Bread & Juice Pack Bx/240

Product ID: AP-024218

DISCONTINUED Box of 240 These new style Communion Bread/Juice Sets fit in standard communion...
Remembrance Communion Cups Box/480

Product ID: AP-024219

DISCONTINUED Box of 480 pieces Fits standard communion tray 100% pure grape...

  • Broadman disposable communion cups for use in cup trays
  • Small, square shaped communion crackers
  • Pre Filled Communion Cups with Juice & Wafers
  • Round communion wafers in white or whole wheat
  • Communion bread and hosts in 1-1/8" or 1-3/8" wafers 
  • 2-3/4" priest host