Ablution Cups

Crystal Ablution Cup

Product ID: AC-AL-9163

Crystal Ablution Cup  with handled lid. Height 4-1/2" 7 ounce...
Gold Ablution Cup

Product ID: AC-8651G

The 8651G ablution cup features: Crystal body with 24k gold plate top Ht 4...
Gold Ablution Cup

Product ID: AC-9164G

DIscontinued \t 9164G Height 4 5/8" \t 7 ounce capacity \t Made of high...

The ablution cup is used by the priest or deacon to rinse any remaining particles of the eucharist from their fingers, following Holy Communion. After distributing the Host to the faithful, they dip their fingers in the cup and then dry them with the purificator. Using the ablution cup to wash, ensures that no particles of the Holy Eucharist are accidentally profaned.

TIP: Following Mass, water from the ablution cup should be poured into the sacrarium as you would when washing other sacred vessels.