Baptistry Care & Use

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Fiberglass church baptisteries need proper care to last as long as possible.

Please see our tips below to ensure your baptistry gives you safe, healthy, long-lasting  performance.

Disclaimer-While we do our best to keep up with industry norms, manufacturers can and do change their materials and methods without always issuing product updates. Use this information at your own risk. We do not express to create any type of warranty or product care recomendation with this information. Always refer to the product literature and care information provided by the manufacturer of your baptistry and heating equipment.

We do NOT recommend leaving water in any baptistry longer than necessary as:


  1. It can create a safety hazard for children.
  2. The water will need to be cleaned AND sanitized.
  3. The gel coat on your baptistry may not be designed for continuous exposure to water (see below).
  4. Increased humidity from the water can affect sensitive electronics in nearby sound and lighting equipment, as well as accelerate corrosion on metal fixtures, door knobs, etc.

If You Keep Your Baptistry Filled all the time

If you are one of the denominations that requires a baptistry to be always at the ready (Church of Christ, Christian Church and a few others) then we have a few suggestions:

  1. Be sure to control access to the pool so no child can drown.
  2. Use a spa style pool cover for added safety and to keep humidity levels down in the surrounding area
  3. Consider a UV filter to sanitize the water
  4. Water left in a baptistry can develop algea and bacteria that are harmful to humans. Have your water tested regularly at a pool or spa store to make sure it is safe and has the right ph, hardness, alkalinity and sanitizer levels. (NOTE:Be sure any chemicals used are safe for use with fiberglass resins. Pool chemicals are generally not safe for use with baptisteries, but many Spa chemicals may be safely used, provided the manufacturer has approved their use with fiberglas resins. Always check with your baptistry manufacturer and your heating equipment manufacturer to make sure the chemicals you are considering are safe to use and do not void your warranty.)
  5. Have a written schedule for draining, cleaning and waxing the baptistry.
  6. Select the AquaGuard gel coat when you place your order.



On a standard baptistry, the gel coat used is sufficient to keep water from damaging the underlying fiberglass resins AS LONG AS the water is not in contact with the gel coat for more than a few days and is allowed to dry out (about a week) between uses.
When the baptistry is always filled, water can penetrate the standard gel coat and may eventually form blisters and discoloration on the surface of the gel coat.
AquaGuard is a more water proof gel coat than the standard coating and allows you to keep water in the baptistry for longer periods of time between draining.
Manufacturers still recommend you drain it every month or two with the AquaGuard finish. At this time, you can also clean the baptistry and apply a coat of wax for longest protection.


To prevent buildup of harmful bacteria, try not to leave water in a baptistry for more than 48-72 hours. Fiberglass baptistries should be emptied and allowed to dry for at least a week after each use.

When the baptistry is used only occasionally, simply wipe down after draining (but while still damp so as to more easily remove any film or dirt) and allow to dry.

Once or twice a year, or as needed, clean your baptistry with a fiberglass cleaner and wax it using a non-abrasive auto wax or boat wax. Failure to properly clean your baptistry can cause problems with decomposition of the resins used in the fiberglass and may be considered misuse, thus voiding any factory warranties.

Caution: Use of strong detergents, highly caustic cleaners, strong acids and cleaning powders will automatically void your warranty. We suggest using fiberglass cleaners available online or at marine stores.


Caution: Electrical outlets should be at least 10 ft from your baptistry or as required by code. '

Under no circumstances should anyone in a baptistry touch a microphone or other electric device when in the water.

Be sure to turn off the heater and pump system before using a baptistry and TURN THE BREAKER OFF at the panel (be sure to clearly label the breaker switch)

If you use an immersion style heater, unplug the heater and remove it from the water.

THIS IS NOT AN EXHAUSTIVE LIST BUT IS MEANT AS A GENERAL AID. We hear from customers frequently who have no idea of what safety precautions to take before using a baptistry. These suggestions are based on our experience and knowledge, but are in no way to be relied on as a sole or authoritative protocol.

For complete safety considerations, contact your local city or county inspection office as well as your liability insurance provider.



Baptistery Water Care Questions and Answers

Do you have a Maintenance Kit available,...someone wished to be baptized and it was discovered that nobody had been maintaining unit. It had sat for so long that there was a MAJOR Calcium build up (in the entire pool) and the water had stagnated and had acquired quite a stench while being covered. 
The unit was drained and let dry out. After the maintenance man had tried CLR, etc. with no success, he then proceeded to sand the surface with 120 grit sand paper by use of an orbital disc sander to remove the calcium build up. In the process, four small spots were burned through the gel coat. 
... I used a clear gel with hardener and skim coated the spots. After setting for 48 hours, they refilled the baptistery and used it this past weekend. It is stilled filled with water.
The church doesn't have the funds to replace the unit at this time. Your website seemed to have the most information regarding maintenance.

Your story is not uncommon. Unfortunately we do not have a maintenance kit but you can get most products needed from a pool, auto or marine store.
At this point I would suggest periodic cleaning with a mild cleaner for use on fiberglass.
2-3 x /year apply a good quality fiberglass wax.
Drain it and let it dry after each use. I would not keep water in it as it may further degrade the existing gel coat.
Most baptistries are not designed for long term storage of water.
If you do decide to keep water in it, you should sanitize the water …read more here
I would drain it every other month and let dry for a few days then apply the wax.