Freestanding Group Baptistry Pool

Freestanding Group Baptistry Pool

Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery Large group baptistry for use as a stand-alone unit. Features tubular steel lateral apron so it does not require additional side wall framing and thus does not need to be "built-in". 7-10" x 8-10" x 3'6" tall INCLUDES: 1 set of interior steps with 1 handrail. (Note that the stair tread depth and riser height on interior steps do not conform to national codes due to space requirements.) 1 set of moveable exterior stairs with 2 handrails Stairs on this unit include aluminum hand rails painted in silver (3 sets of handrails total) Optional 2nd set of interior and exterior steps allows for separate entry and exit. 380lbs dry weight (10,500 lbs filled) 1230 gallons This unit may be moved around, but we do not offer wheels for it. The church would need to construct a heavy-duty rolling platform or utilize furniture dollies to move it. (Do not fill with water while on furniture dollies) Available in 4 interior colors with black painted exterior.  Exterior stair color can be black or match the interior. We do not recommend a drain on this unit. Use our P240 portable heater/pump (240v) to heat and drain the water. This unit may be used outdoors and is perfect for large baptism services. As with all baptistries, for safety, make sure children cannot access the filled baptistry. Requires oversize shipping. Please email us for a shipping quote before ordering.

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