Stations Of The Cross Set Of 14

Product ID: PB1100-153-14
Set of 14 Stations of the Cross Extra Stations available include Garden of Agony & Resurrection at 1/14th cost of the set-please call Cast in Bronze this is a true work of art Each station comes with a small wooden cross in Light Oak finish and measuring 1.75" wide x 2.5" tall Approximate size of figures is 5.75" tall x 5.75" wide Supplied with bolt holes in the back of the stations to attach a threaded bolt. We can also supply with studs for placement in masonry with epoxy. Please advise when ordering if you want the studs included (no charge) Supplied with a clear coat protective finish (indoor use) which will protect the bronze from developing a patina. For outdoor use, the stations may be supplied either without the protective clear coat or with a special outdoor clear coat. The outdoor clear coat will probably need to be stripped and recoated every 10-50 years (depends on how much direct exposure to elements, direct sunlight, snow, humidity, salt, etc.). The stripping process will require the stations to be returned to the factory or a local refinisher for soaking in a tank to remove the old coating. If you are mounting such that it would be difficult to remove them from the mount (such as in masonry) then we suggest ordering them without the clear coat and instead waxing them when you get them and periodically cleaning and waxing to prevent the development of the patina.

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