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ENGR-100 - Engraving

Wouldn't you like to engrave your purchase! Memorial engraving is a great way to honor loved ones, long-time volunteers, clergy and other people important in the life of your church.

Most Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Gold Plate & Silverplate items can be engraved. Wooden and other non-engraveable items can be supplied with a MEMORIAL PLAQUE.


Enter your engraving text here. If you do not have a preference about how lines are split, then we will arrange your text in the most appropriate way. If you have a preference for how the lines are split, then enter a double plus sign (++) at the end of each text so we will know where to stop and start the next line. (The ++ signs will not be engraved on your piece) Don't worry about centering the text, we will center for you unless you indicate you do not want it centered. If there is a problem fitting everything, we will contact you.

Letter Style -

Select preferred type font. Note that due to differences in engraving equipment among different manufacturers, not all styles will be available for every item. If a particular style is not available on the item you selected, we will choose the closest substitute.

Click the Font NAME Below to See a Larger Picture

Where would you like the engraving? Please enter your desired location or type "Engraver's Choice" if you would like us to use our best judgement. If you select Engraver's Choice, then let us know if you want the engraving to be VISIBLE (i.e. on the outer surface where others can see it) or HIDDEN (i.e. on the underneath side where someone would have to turn the piece over to see the text). NOTE: Some pieces can only be engraved in certain locations. If your piece cannot be engraved in the location you specify, we will contact you before processing your order.

Letter Case - Choose Mixed Case or all UPPERCASE
Engraving Cost -

Engraving is priced by the character (punctuation marks are characters). 

Our checkout cart does not automatically count the number of characters you type. 
Please count the number of characters and enter below to figure your cost.

As an example, if you engraved the following  "1 2 3, 4 5 6, 7 8 9" then you have 11 characters (2 commas + 9 numbers). 

 Multi-item Engraving SAME TEXT: If you want the SAME engraving on more than one item, (for example on 4 communion bowls) then count the # of characters and multiply by the number of ENGRAVED ITEMS to find the number to enter below. EXAMPLE: 11 characters x 4 ITEMS = 44 characters. Spaces do not count as characters.

Multi-item Engraving DIFFERENT TEXT:If you want different text on each item, please complete this Engraving Item order, add to cart, and then repeat the process for each different engraving text desired.

If you are ordering multiple items, please indicate below which items are to be engraved and which items are not to be engraved. If you want all items engraved, then let us know here also.

(Ex. "Engrave the chalice, but not the ciborium." or "Engrave all 4 communion bowls." or "Engrave the silver chalice with text starting "In memory of Bob Smith..." engrave the Gold Chalice with text "In Memory of Sally Smith ..."

You can use your own verbage, just make sure it is clear as to what you want. If there is any question on your engraving order, we will contact you for clarification.

Brass Plate(s) Enter QTY -

Unless you order a brass plate(s) below, your engraving will be placed on the piece. If you select a brass plate, the engraving will be done on the plate.

Screws or Tape? - If you order a brass plate, do you want it supplied with brass screws or double sided tape?
Price per Each

When you order engraving at the time of your purchase, you eliminate the worry of 3rd party engravers damaging your expensive purchase.

Gold Plate & Silverplate items can be engraved before plating, preventing flaking that can sometimes occur with poor quality engraving.

Factory engraving is usually less expensive than 3rd party engraving. It's not uncommon for engravers to charge three to ten times the cost of factory engraving. Our religious goods manufacturers make their money on the product itself; engraving is generally offered mostly as a courtesy to the customer so is much less than an engraving shop would charge.

Engraving Considerations

For Sacred Vessels such as communion ware, chalices, ciboria, etc. and other items that are regularly handled, we suggest engraving in a location that will not be touched as much.

Candlesticks and other items that are not handled may be engraved anywhere space permits, but the base is usally the best choice.

Consider if you want the engraving to be seen by everyone, or if you prefer the engraving to be placed on the underneath side of the item, where it can serve as a historical record, but not be obvious.

What to Engrave? What should it say?

Think Who, What/Why, When and Who. You can obviously shorten the engraving if needed, to fit smaller spaces, but be sure to keep the basics, especially the date and the person who donated. The reason for this is two-fold. One, 50 years from now, it is a great help to be able to date the church appointments to establish value, both financial and sentimental. Also, when a new pastor comes in and decides he wants to change out the appointments, he will have information that shows him this piece is important, and may decide to refinish it, rather than relegate it to the closet.

Generally, most churches will engrave the pieces as follows:

In Honor of Rev. Bob Davis (Who)
On the 25th Anniversary of his Appointment as Pastor (What)

March 23rd, 1985 (When)
By the Senior Adult Sunday School Class (Who)


Please note that engraving adds about two weeks to the turn around time on most orders and that engraved items are non-returnable for any reason-unless the engraving is not correct.