Baptistry Cover

Insulated Baptistry Cover custom made to fit your baptistry Standard covers and Walk-On covers available Designed for long term use, these covers can be "locked down" with straps Custom made to fit your baptistry. Helps reduce thermal loss and evaporation Helps protect baptistry area walls and ceilings from humidity caused by uncovered baptistries Spigot cutouts available For pricing, choose the size that is just slightly bigger than your needs. (We will make the cover to your dimensions) In the special instructions box at checkout let us know the desired color. After ordering: You will receive an order confirmation email. Please reply to that email with a simple diagram of your cover showing the measurements desired. Note: Even if you have already sent a diagram for a quote, please resend the diagram as a reply to the order confirmation email so we do not mix your diagram up with another customers. NOTE ON DIAGRAM: Send us a diagram showing the outline and dimensions of the COVER (not your baptistry) Allow a minimum of 4" overhang (5" for walk-on) from the opening on all sides. (i.e. if baptistry opening is 8ft x 4ft the cover needs to be 8'8" x 4'8") If you have a preference on where we split the panels please indicate so with a line. Show the location of any desired handles or strap locks. If there are spigots or other obstructions you must mark their exact location with a square cutout or dugout. We will make the cover according to the diagram you provide. COVERS ARE NOT RETURNABLE. Allow 60-90 days for delivery. Standard Cover Features: 5" Thick Foam (R20.85) 1lb density (4" foam R16.68 available on request) double wrap 4 mil vapor barrier PVC mesh underliner 26oz marine grade vinyl treated to prevent mildew. Nylon handles on request (for sliding or removal, not for carrying) Nylon Lock straps on request 5 year warranty

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