Church Supplies USA

When the goods people produce become commodities, the people who produce them become commodities.

Church Products Crafted with Pride in America (Usually)

We make every effort to only sell products that are made in America.

When we do source products internationally, it's usually for very high end Sacred Vessels, statuary and religious artwork made by Italian and Spanish crafstmen.

If there is an American source for a product, that's who we turn to. Occasionally, when no American source exists, we will carry an item made overseas. Also, there are a few of our vendors that in addition to the goods they make, import some of their products. Examples include several of our American Metalware manufacturer's who import crystal from Ireland, Portugal or Poland to augment their line of American made church ecclesistical furnishings and appointments.


Most of our vendors and manufacturers are located in the USA. In fact, we are still dealing with many of the same small family businesses that we started with back in 1979. Most of our vendors are even older than us, with many having over 100 years of American manufacturing experience to back up their products.


With the few products we sell that are manufactured overseas, we select those that are made with quality as the primary concern.


With apologies to WalMart, Low Prices are NOT going to improve your life.

I remember when WalMart trucks all carried the slogan "Made in the USA." Sadly, they no longer do.

While we do not begrudge anyone overseas from making a living, we feel that the race to the bottom in terms of price is not healthy for American families & workers, the American economy or even for the people who make these goods overseas. While there can certainly be short term benefits to wages in the country that's the low-cost leader du jour, ultimately, we all suffer when the only focus of production is on price.


We strive for the lowest prices among equals.

While we have excellent prices on our American Made Church Ecclesiastical & Liturgical furnishings, we do not sell cheap, imported lower quality goods.  You simply cannot compare a $20 clergy shirts with a $45 shirt. Or a 40$ alb with one costing $125. Or a $60 candlestick with one costing $600. The quality makes the difference, both in the materials used and the craftsmanship involved in production.

We get emails every day from companies overseas, usually in India or China, wanting us to carry their church wares. 

Our experience has shown us that most of the imported metal ware from these companies is vastly inferior in quality to American produced goods. And because of our committment to buying  and selling American products whenever possible, we choose not to do business with these suppliers.

"If we lose some business because somebody decides to buy a $75 imported chalice instead of a $400 chalice that's Made in the USA, well so be it." The quality of the American goods will out last the one-time satisfaction of the cheaper purchase.


Help us Support our American Church Goods Manufacturers.

Choose your church furnishings, supplies and appointments from American Manufacturers:

  • Alviti Church Ware- Attleboro, Massachusetts
  • Koleys Inc. - Omaha, Nebraska
  • FC Ziegler Company - Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Cavanagh Altar Breads - Rhode Island
  • Cathedral Candle Company - Syracuse, New York
  • Dadant Church Candles - Kahoka, Missouri
  • Emkay Candle - Syracuse, New York
  • Will & Baumer Candle Company - Orangeburg, Tennessee
  • Lux Mundi Oil Candles - Islandia, New York
  • Woerner Church Furniture, Rochester, New York
  • Fiberglass Sepcialties - Roanoke, Alabama
  • American Steeples - Weedowee, Alabama
  • Fiberglass Unlimited - Roanoke, Alabama
  • Little Giant Manufacturing - Orange, Texas
  • Flynn Manufacturing - Mt. Morris, Michigan
  • Religious Images - Mobile, Alabama
  • Robert Gaiser Company - Butler, New Jersey
  • Empire Bronze Corporation - Chicago, Illinois
  • Progressive Bronze Company Chicago, Illinois
  • Oak Hall Choir Robes - Salem, Virginia
  • Rugel Furnishings - Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Abbott Hall - Mineola, New York
  • Atwood Hamlin - Richmond, illinois

...this is just a partial list of our American church goods suppliers. Support Americans, Buy American Made Goods.