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Help that backfires.

You might be surprised to learn that not all help is effective or even welcome. Well-meaning relief efforts can, if not properly coordinated and implemented, cause unintended consequences including:

  • Hurt an individuals sense of pride in work
  • Foster an atmosphere of dependency
  • Creat feelings of inferiority/superiority between the giver and the recipient. (Givers often have more to learn from the recipient than the other way around.)
  • Undermine local relief efforts

We support organizations that are properly trained and know how to "help without hurting."

Orphan Information & Resources

Get involved in the orphan crisis, these organizations could use your help NOW! We have visited with or personally know the organizations listed below and can attest to their effectiveness and trustworthiness.  In addition, at the bottom of this page is a list of organizations that we have had contact with and feel are worthy organizations to support, but with whom we have not personally spoken or visited yet. Please contact us if you would like an introduction to one of these organizations or would like to discuss where you might best be able to help.

Mission Organizations:

SIFAT (Servants in Faith and Technology) Lineville, Alabama

Adoption Organizations:

Children of the World Fairhope, Alabama


Best Practices and Orphan Relief Standards of Care Training:

Allies for Orphans Knoxville, TN


For the Volunteer.

Does God really hold the key? Are you facing difficult or trying circumstances in your life? Perhaps you are burdened by marital troubles, financial difficulty, illness, loss of loved ones or depression. Maybe life just hasn't turned out the way you expected or even worse-maybe it has. Often, our most successful moments are followed by the realization that success can be empty. What we thought would be the end of all of our problems-"if we could only just... (fill in the blank) then everything would be perfect"- in reality exposed a larger hole that is impossible to fill on our own. We believe that faith in God holds the answer. We believe the call to faith is action. Helping others is one of the surest ways to take your focus off yourself and in the process, discover who and what, God meant for you to be.

Help yourself by helping children. I am never as content and at peace as when I am helping others. Sure, I love to play golf, fish, fly airplanes (or even jump out of them), but none of that will ever fulfill me. It was following a trip to Ocean Springs, Mississippi in 2006, to assist in the clean up efforts from Hurricane Katrina, that I discovered a simple yet powerful principle-when you help others, you can't help but feel fulfilled and better about yourself. I joked at the time that people were paying $150 an hour for a therapist to solve their problems, when all they needed was to volunteer at the soup kitchen to feel better immediately. But it's true. I have spoken to countless people who have all related how when they were going through difficult circumstances, the best thing they did was to go out and help others. In fact, I can almost guarantee that you will get so much more out of helping others, especially children, than you could ever get from seeking out self-serving pleasures or distractions. So if you are having a rough go of it, here is your perfect opportunity to help yourself by helping children.

Just 2 hours per week can make a difference. If every one of us would volunteer 2 hours of our time each week, the results would be enormous. What could you do for 2 hours each week to save the life of an orphaned or abandoned child?

  • Educate yourself about the orphaned and abandoned child crisis
  • Search and share news articles on your Facebook page
  • Blog about the orphan crisis
  • Writers can submit articles to media outlets
  • Volunteer locally through your church or other child relief agency
  • Business owners can donate supplies or services to local orphan relief groups 
  • Consier adoption
  • Consider becoming a foster parent
  • Become a mentor
  • Support missions by raising money

Additional child relief organizations we like:

Cru (formerly Campus Crusade)

Food for the Poor


We are not an accrediting or rating agency. We do not formally audit the books of the FBO/NGOs we support or recommend. In this day and age, people are often not who they purport to be and many well-meaning individuals and organizations have been blindsided by people they trusted. What we do is get to know the people who we are working with and use our best judgment to determine if we think they are trustworthy people and working as they say they are. If we decide to support an organization, you can know that we would recommend this organization to our own mother. If you decide to help out an organization that we have recommended, you agree that you will not hold us responsible for any problems, financial or otherwise, that may arise in connection with our recommendation.